Stainless Steel Polishing Service

Polished stainless steel vessel
stainless steel polishing

In-house Stainless Steel polishing

We have a vast experience in the technique of polishing and we polish all of our work in house and offer that as a standard service.

All fabrications are polished to customer requirements including mirror finishing. We issue a certificate with the completed work which declares the surface finish to ensure that the finish has met our customer's requirements. The benefits of our polishing service include:

  • High quality surface finish
  • Helps products self drain
  • Aiding ergonomics and aesthetics
  • Improves the cleanability of the product

Our stainless steel polishing services include:

  • Satin to mirror polishing - Ra values 0.8µm - <0.1µm
  • We have an in house dedicated stainless steel polishing unit
  • Surface finish certificate supplied
  • Batch work and one-offs

All of our polishing is done at our site in our dedicated polishing unit.